We are indebted to the individuals and institutions that enabled the creation
of this project. First, we would like to thank the volume’s contributors for
their patience during the compilation and publication process: their support
and commitment has made the journey a smooth one. Further, the following
scholars were presenters at the Black Queer Studies in the Millennium con-
ference, and while their work does not appear in this volume their imprint is
on its final form: M. Jacqueline Alexander, Lindon Barrett, Jennifer DeVere
Brody, Cheryl Clarke, Jerome M. Culp Jr., Cheryl Dunye, Gerard Fergerson,
Shari Frilot, Thomas Glave, Thomas A. Harris, Alycee Lane, Wahneema
Lubiano, Darieck Scott, Jane Splawn, and Yvonne Welbon.
We would like to thank the centers, departments, organizations, and pro-
grams at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that contributed
resources to the conference out of which this volume emerged, including
African and African American Studies, Carolina Alternative Meetings of Pro-
fessional and Graduate Students (camp), Communication Studies, Com-
parative Literature, Curriculum in Women’s Studies, the English Depart-
ment, the O≈ce of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research, the
Sonja Haynes Stone Black Cultural Center, the Student Finance Committee,
the University Program in Cultural Studies, and especially the Williamson
Committee to Promote Gay and Lesbian Studies. The following individuals
also contributed to making the conference a success: Renee Alexander, Kelly
Gallagher, Mark Pippen, Douglas McLachlan, Glenn Grossman, Tess Chak-
kalakal, Marie Nesnow, Robin Vander, Stephen Lewis, Travaughn Eubanks,
Curt Blackman, Christi Mayville, Daniel Lebold, Olateju Omolodun, Jamie
Lipschultz, Gladys Jasmine, Erica Smiley, Lucy Pearce, Elizabeth Blackwood,
Camille Simpson, Ti√any Foster, Kim Curtis, David Roberts, Karolyn Tyson,
Joanna Muster, Chandra Ford, Kelly Rowett, Jules Odendahl, Doug Taylor,
and Rachel Hall.
Many friends and colleagues gave their support at various stages of the
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