An anthology such as this has lots of moving parts and therefore takes
a collective to bring to fruition. This was particularly true with Black-
tino Queer Performance. We would first like to thank the artists—Pamela
Booker, Sharon Bridgforth, Cedric Brown, Javier Cardona, Jeffrey Q. Mc-
Cune Jr., Paul Outlaw, Coya Paz, and Charles Rice-González, whose work
inspired this project and some of whom performed at our Blacktino
Queer Performance festival in 2008 at Northwestern University. We also
say thank you to our colleagues who interviewed the artists and who
critically engaged their work through the essays collected here.
We would be remiss if we did not thank our research assistants,
Eddie Gamboa, Andreea Micu, Didier Morelli, and Shoniqua Roach,
without whom we could not have prepared the volume for publication.
To our partners, Stephen J. Lewis and Joel Valentín-Martinez, we say
thanks for putting up with us turning our vacations into research trips!
We love you both!
Finally, we say thank you to our editor, Courtney Berger, who has
been nothing but encouraging and excited about this project from start
to finish. We hope it’s the first of many collaborations with you!
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