Over the years, many individuals and institutions have contributed
and supported the research and writing of this manuscript. In Colo
bia I would like to thank the employees at the Archivo de la Gober
ción de Antioquia for allowing me to consult the governor’s correspo
dence and other regional government materials in  and ;
Centro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in Bogotá and its Director Gloria Gaitán;
Fundación Antioqueña de Estudios Sociales in Medellín; the library a
newspaper collection at the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín; the
search collection at the Instituto de Estudios Regionales at the Univer
dad de Antioquia; the Salón Antioquia in the Bibliotéca Pública Pil
in Medellín; the Bibliotéca Luis Angel Arango in Bogotá; the Bibliot
Nacional in Bogotá; the Archivo de la Alcaldía Municipal de Urrao a
that town’s Parish Registry and Casa de la Cultura; and Froilan Monto
Mazo’s personal archive in Medellín. Dr. Montoya Mazo, who has si
died, also very kindly introduced me to and obtained interviews for
with several gaitanista leaders of the Violencia period and with seve
Liberal ex-guerrillas. Colombian colleagues and friends too numerous
name have also provided hospitality, affection, and intellectual guidan
among them: Jorge Pérez, Maria Mercedes Botero, Alvaro Tirado Me
Jorge Orlando Melo, Victor Alvarez, Beatriz Patiño, Patricia Londo
Constanza Toro, Ana Lucía Sánchez, Jesús María Alvarez, Maria Ter
Uribe de Hincapie, Gonzalo Sánchez, and Mauricio Romero. I could
have completed the research for this book without the assistance of s
eral students from the Universidad de Antioquia, among them: Glo
Granda, Rodrigo Arango, and Mario Gaviria. Many thanks to Gusta
Ochoa for his excellent map-making skills and to Fernando Mejía
many hours of tedious data entry.
Several colleagues and institutions in the United States also suppor
my work since its initial emergence as a Ph.D. dissertation at Harv
University. The Tinker Foundation provided summer research supp
during three summers as did the Radcliffe President’s Fund, the Co
mittee on Iberian and Latin American Studies, the history departme
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