1. Signboard for Chigusa, Japan’s
oldest jazu kissa. 5
2. Dancers sway to the sounds of Metropolitan Isawa
and His Light Swingers at one of Yokohama’s many
dance halls in 1933. 69
3. ‘‘Taxi dancers’’ await ticket-bearing customers at
the Ginza Dance Hall, Tokyo, 1933. 70
4. The multitalented Japanese American jazz
entertainer Alice Fumiko Kawabata, 1935. 80
5. Nisei crooner Rickey Miyagawa fronts the massive
Photo Chemical Lab (pcl) symphonic jazz orchestra,
ca. 1937. 81
6. ‘‘Dai Tokyo no jazo—The Jazz-Band
of Tokyo,’’ 1927. 108
7. Professional dancers from Tokyo’s Kokka (National
Flower) Dance Hall take a break from military drills
with the Patriotic Women’s Association (Aikoku Fujin
Kai), 1938. 140
8. Yokosuka commemorates Japanese musicians
who entertained U.S. servicemen during the
Occupation with three statues. 178
9. Musicians and singers who entertained U.S.
servicemen in the Occupation era assemble for a final
group picture at their gala reunion party, 1994. 178
10. Lt. James T. Araki in 1948. 181
11. Jammin’ with the gis. 182
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