This cannot be a comprehensive listing of recordings by Japanese artists, but rather is a list of
recordings collected and/or consulted for this study. I have also included several entries
to which I have not yet had an opportunity to listen, but which are generally regarded as
important or are cited in the text. Historical significance, availability, financial resources, and
personal taste influenced my decisions in building this collection. Whenever possible, I have
included both original issue numbers and most recent reissue numbers. Each artist’s works
are listed chronologically by recording date.
Abe, Kaoru. Last Date. diw: 335, 1989.
——. Solo Live at Gaya, vols. 1–10. diw: 371–380, 1990–91.
Akiyoshi, Toshiko. The Amazing Toshiko Akiyoshi. Norgran: mgn-22, 1954; Verve: pocj-2580,
——. The Toshiko Trio. Storyville: stlp-912, 1956.
——. Toshiko Mariano Quartet. Candid: cs 9012, 1961.
——. Toshiko Meets Her Old Pals. King: skc-3, 1961.
——. Timestream: Toshiko Plays Toshiko. Nippon Crown: crcj-9137, 1997.
Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra. Wishing Peace. Ken Music: 27ken-001, 1989.
——. Carnegie Hall Concert. Columbia: ck 48805, 1992.
——. Desert Lady/Fantasy. Columbia: ck 57856, 1994.
Toshiko Akiyoshi–Lew Tabackin Big Band. Road Time. rca:cpl2-2242, 1976.
——. Salted Ginko Nuts. bmg Victor: rvj-6031, 1979; bmg/Baystate: b20d-47005, 1989.
——. The Toshiko Akiyoshi–Lew Tabackin Big Band. Novus: 3106, 1991.
Araki, James. Jazz Beat: Midnight Jazz Session. Nippon Victor: jv-5006, 1959.
Awaya, Noriko. Wakare no bur¯ usu. Nippon Columbia: coca-12042, 1994.
Ayodo, Chie. Only You. R-9690100, 1996.
——. For All We Know. Ewe: ewcd 0005, 1998.
Casiopea. Live Anthology Fine. Pioneer: picl-1097, 1994.
The Dixie Kings. Dikishii Nippon min’y¯ o. King: skg-27, 1963.
Hara, Nobuo, and Sharps and Flats. Sharps and Flats in Newport. Nippon Columbia: xms-
10019, 1969.
——. Big Band Boss 3. Nobuo Hara Music O≈ce: nh101, 1995.
Hara, Nobuo, and Sharps and Flats with Yamamoto ozan. New Jazz in Japan. Nippon Colum-
bia: ys-10022, 1968.
——. Beautiful Bamboo Flute. Philips: fx-8510, 1971.
Harada, Jimmy, and Old Boys, with Yoshida Hideko. Sh¯ owa no bansukingu tachi. Nippon Victor:
sjx-30244, 1984.
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