The Future of a Movement
The New Age, Robert Bly-type, drum-beating shit is transparently
hokey to all but the most alienated of white, white men. I don't
pander to that hooey so it doesn't really affect me too much. What
really gets me though, is that with the influx of capital, the "best
and brightest" of the bourgeois art mentality are being attracted to
the field. I mean these fucking kids who presume themselves artists
spout service industry maxims straight out of the K-Mart manage-
ment manual as if they were some kind of substitute for a personal
philosophy. And it just makes it harder for those of us who don't
want to do the kind of bowing and scraping the yuppie clientele ex-
pect. They not only want you to shave their pimply asses, pretend
that Calvin and Hobbes personify that "wild one" attitude, listen to
their pathetic, prudish body-image hang-ups, but at the end you're
supposed to hand them some kind of certificate that certifies them
as cool enough to sit in at after hours be-bop jam sessions.
- Todd H., tattooist
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