frank costigliola is a professor of history at the University of Connecti-
cut. He is the author of Roosevelt’s Lost Alliances: How Personal Politics Helped Start
the Cold War (2012); France and the United States: The Cold Alliance Since World War II
(1992); and Awkward Dominion: American Political, Economic, and Cultural Relations
with Europe, 1919–1933 (1984). He is currently editing the diaries of George F.
janet m. davis is an associate professor of American studies and history at
the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of The Circus Age: Culture and
Society under the American Big Top (2002) and the editor of Tiny Kline, Circus Queen
and Tinker Bell: The Life of Tiny Kline (2008). She is also the author of The Gospel of
Kindness: Animal Welfare and the Making of Modern America (forthcoming).
shanon fitzpatrick is a faculty lecturer in the Department of History
at McGill University. Her current project, Pulp Empire, explores transnational
America’s globalized, nonelite print media in the twentieth century. Other
research interests include the histories of eugenics, physical culture, moder-
nity, and consumption.
paul a. kramer is an associate professor of history at Vanderbilt Univer-
sity and coeditor of Cornell University Press’s United States in the World se-
ries. He is the author of The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States
and the Philippines (2006) and numerous articles, including “Power and Con-
nection: Imperial Histories of the United States in the World” (American His-
torical Review 2011).
shirley jennifer lim is an associate professor of history and affiliate
faculty in cultural analysis and theory and Africana studies at suny Stony
Brook. She is the author of A Feeling of Belonging: Asian American Women’s Public
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