1. Drew Gilpin Faust, "Culture, Conflict, and Community: The Meaning of
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3. When quoting from manuscripts I have adhered to their punctuation and
spelling except in cases where small changes were necessary for the sake ofclarity.
However, proper names are spelled exactly as in the source quoted, and this results
in a few inconsistencies where sources differ as to spelling. All dates before 1752
are Old Style, except that the year is taken to begin on January 1.
Chapter 1: "No People Were Ever Rescued
from a Danger More Imminent"
1. [Mrs. Flannigan],
Antigua and the Antiguans,
2 vols. (London, 1844), 1:86;
Mathew to BT, Oct. 12, 1727, CO 152/16, S16-22; Nevis Treasurer's Accounts,
CO 152/18, T70.
2. A major source of information on the affair is the judges' General Report
(hereafter General Report), copies ofwhich can be found in Mathew to BT, Jan. 17,
1737, CO 152/22, W94; in Council Mins., Jan. 24, 1737, CO 9/10; and in
Assembly Mins., Jan. 3, 1737, CO 9/12. A printed and slightly edited version
A Genuine Narrative of the Intended Conspiracy of the Negroes at Antigua . ..
(Dublin, 1737) has been reprinted (New York: Arno Press, 1972). For a fictionalized
account, see "A Legend of the Ravine" in
Antigua and the Antiguans,
1:91-107. See
also the extensive minutes of the legislature, which contain, among other data,
the trial records of slaves banished and some of those executed. CO 9/9-12. The
trial record
for banished slaves is in Council Mins., Jan. 12,1737, CO 9/10,
and Feb. 24,1737, CO 9/11; for the eight executed slaves see Council Mins., Feb. 14,
9/11. Quotations from the General Report are taken from the copy in
CO 152/22, W94.
"Extract of a Letter from Antigua:' Oct. 24, 1736,
Virginia Gazette,
Apr. 18,
1737 (also in
Gentleman's Magazine,
7 [1737]:59); Antigua letter, Oct. 24, 1736,
Carolina Gazette,
Dec. 4, 1736.
4. General Report.
Letter datedJan. 15,1737, Dr. Walter Tullideph Letter Books, in Vere Lang-
ford Oliver,
The History ofthe Island ofAntigua,
3 vols. (London: Mitchell & Hughes,
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