Writing Border Dilemmas has led me to believe that the single-authored
history monograph is a myth. Far from being a solitary venture, this book
has grown from the scholarship, guidance, suggestions, and encourage-
ment of numerous individuals. I ultimately had the authority and respon-
sibility to reconcile all the feedback, but I hope that the many others who
contributed to the book’s completion see their imprint on it as well.
Gail Bederman could not have been a better adviser while I was in
graduate school and since. She always manages to strike the perfect
balance between providing critical assessments of a piece of scholarship
and encouraging its continuation. I feel remarkably fortunate to have
been her student. Walter T. K. Nugent never ceases to amaze me with his
exacting attention to detail, encyclopedic knowledge, and kind support.
R. Scott Appleby encouraged one of the earliest pieces from this project
and saw it through several incarnations. MaryAnn Mahony kept the
project grounded by insisting that I never lose track of the day-to-day life
of La Mesilla and Las Cruces in favor of lofty ideological questions. Good
fortune has allowed me to know Gregory Dowd as both a cheerful men-
tor while I was a graduate student at Notre Dame and as a cherished
colleague while I was a junior professor at the University of Michigan. In
particular, he pushed me to think more deeply about my own assump-
tions about race and citizenship in the early republic. My daily conversa-
tions with Estelle McNair about race, gender, and sexuality continue to
inform my thinking all these many years later. Many of my undergradu-
ate professors at the University of New Mexico, especially Melissa Boko-
voy, Margaret Connell-Szasz, John L. Kessell, Ann Ramenofsky, Howard
Rabinowitz, Jake Spidle, and Ferenc Szasz, inspired me in ways that they
might not even know.
Some of my colleagues at Texas A&M University went out of their way
to nurture this project. As a brand-new junior professor I depended on
the generosity, guidance, and patience of Walter Buenger. Armando
Alonzo, Troy Bickham, Julia Kirk Blackwelder, Carlos Blanton, Cynthia
Bouton, Benjamin Brower, Jonathan Coopersmith, Leah DeVun, Thomas
Dunlap, Katherine Engel, Joseph Jewell, Gregor Kalas, Walter Kamp-
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