As I reach the end of a road long-traveled but full of rewarding and inter-
esting side-trips, I have many individuals and institutions to thank. My
husband, Greg, insisted upon being named first and last in this list of ac-
knowledgments, so here is the initial installment. He has been my num-
ber one fan for finishing this book, cheering and prodding me on so that
someday we could spend more time together.
On the financial front, several institutions provided the funding that is
so vital to the research and writing efforts of scholars. They make public
dissemination of our ideas pOSSible. Among those whose generous grants
helped support this study are the Program for Cultural Cooperation be-
tween Spain's Ministry of Culture and u.S. Universities, the Spain-Florida
Alliance, the University of Florida Department of History, the American
Historical Association, the American Philosophical Society, the Oklahoma
Foundation for the Humanities, the University of Tulsa Faculty Develop-
ment Summer Fellowship Program, and the University of Tulsa Faculty
Research Grant Program.
Research is also made possible and enjoyable through the efforts of ar-
chives, libraries, and collections whose staffs locate, preserve, and organize
the documents, maps, books, and artifacts that contribute to our interpre-
tations of the past. Those institutions that provided materials for my inter-
pretation of colonial New Orleans include the Archivo General de Indias
in Seville, the Archivo General de Simancas, the Louisiana and Lower
Mississippi Valley Collections of Hill Memorial Library (Louisiana State
University), the Center for Louisiana Studies (University of Southwestern
Louisiana), the Louisiana Historical Center of the Louisiana State Mu-
seum, the Archives of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, The Historic New
Orleans Collection, Orleans Parish Notarial Archives, the New Orleans Pub-
lic Library, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (Tulane University), the Loy-
ola University (New Orleans) Archives, and the Family History Library in
Salt Lake City, Utah. I espeCially appreciate the services of James F. Sefcik,
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