Craig Calhoun is the director of the London School of Economics and Political Science
and past president of the Social Science Research Council. He has published widely in
the areas of social theory, political philosophy, and political and historical sociology. He
coedited the seminal volume entitled Bourdieu: Critical Perspectives.
Charles Camic is John Evans Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. His
recent publications include Social Knowledge in the Making, edited with Michele La-
mont and Neil Gross (2011), and Essential Writings of Thorstein Veblen, edited with
Geo√rey Hodgson (2011).
Christophe Charle is professor of contemporary history at the Sorbonne (Paris 1) and the
director of the Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine. He worked closely with
Bourdieu and has written extensively on the intellectual field in nineteenth-century
France, on transnational intellectual networks, and on comparative social and cultural
history of Europe. His works include Les Intellectuels en Europe au XIXe siècle: Essai
d’histoire comparée (1996), La crise des sociétés impériales: Essai d’histoire sociale com-
parée de l’Allemagne, de la France et de la Grande Bretagne (2001), and Théâtres en
capitales, naissance de la société du spectacle à Paris, Berlin, Londres et Vienne (1860–1914)
(2008); he has edited, with Julien Vincent and Jay Winter, Anglo-French Attitudes:
Comparisons and Transfers between English and French Intellectuals since the Eighteenth
Century (2007).
Jacques Defrance is professor of social sciences in the Sports Sciences Department at the
West Paris—Nanterre University. He wrote his doctoral dissertation under Pierre Bour-
dieu, with Luc Boltanski and Claude Grignon, on the sociogenesis of modern physical
education in France from 1770 to 1914. His research interests include the relations
between education, medicine, and science and the question of the relative autonomy of
specialized fields vis-à-vis political and economic powers. He is the author of L’Excel-
lence Corporelle: La Formation des Activités physiques et sportives modernes. 1770–1914
(1987) and Sociology of Sport (1995; 6th ed., 2011).
Mustafa Emirbayer is professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He
is the author of numerous papers on Bourdieusian sociology, including, with Eva
Williams, ‘‘Bourdieu and Social Work’’ (Social Service Review, 2005); with Victoria
Johnson, ‘‘Bourdieu and Organizational Analysis’’ (Theory and Society, 2008); and
‘‘Tilly and Bourdieu’’ (American Sociologist, 2010). He is also coauthor with Matthew
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