In different forms, earlier versions of the following pieces appeared in a
variety of anthologies, journals, and periodicals:
“Airports and Cornfields,” “Birthmark,” “Body- Mind Yearning,”
“Cautionary Tale,” “Living with Monkey,” “Normal and Natural,”
“The Restoration of Health,” “Walking in the Prairie,” “Walking
in the Prairie Again,” “Wanting Cure,” “Wishing You Less Pain,”
and “Yearning for the Peeper Pond” in Material Ecocriticism
“Ashley’s Father” in Tikkun
“Cerebral Palsy” in Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of
lgbtq Voices
“Carrie Buck I: Yearning,” “Carrie Buck II: Torrent of History,” and
“Carrie Buck III: Feebleminded” in the Journal of Literary and
Cultural Disability Studies
“Gender Transition” in The Transgender Studies Reader 2
“Shame and Pride” in the Seattle Journal for Social Justice
So many people contributed to this book I don’t know where to begin.
Editor extraordinaire and my first reader for the last twenty- five years,
Joe Kadi has listened, urged me along, edited and reedited, and kept
me grounded since the very first moments of this project. Susan Burch
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