I would like to thank my colleagues at Notre Dame and at other insti-
tutions for graciously volunteering to read parts of this manuscript and
offering crucial advice—Kim Middleton, Dudley Andrew, Peter Hol-
land, James Naremore, Pam Wojcik, Steve Fredman, and Tom Schatz. I
also thank the students and faculty at the University of Copenhagen, the
University of Melbourne, the Chicago Film Seminar, and the College of
St. Rose, where I was invited to present parts of this book and received
extremely useful suggestions.
I owe the deepest thanks to Angela Ndalianis at the University of
Melbourne, who read, most meticulously, the entire manuscript in vari-
ous incarnations. Her invaluable insights had the most profound effect
on this book, and I doubt that I will ever be able to return such an enor-
mous favor. I know no better close reader, or truer friend.
I would like to thank the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts,
College of Arts and Letters, at the University of Notre Dame for its sup-
port of this entire project.
I also want to thank Ken Wissoker at Duke University Press, who
lived up to his reputation as an editor extraordinaire. Courtney Berger,
Leigh Barnwell, Amy Ruth Buchanan, Katie Courtland, Fred Kameny,
and Pam Morrison have also been a delight to work with, as they have
provided kind and careful guidance throughout the publication of this
book. In addition, I express my sincere appreciation to the reviewers
and copy editor of this manuscript, because their suggestions were con-
sistently insightful and improved the finished product.
Finally, I want to thank my family for boundless emotional support.
My parents, William and Virginia, were, as they have always been, the
foundation of my support. My wife, Stephanie, and my daughters, Ava,
Nell, Sophia, and Gabriela, have all made essential contributions. They
will find themselves within this book, appearing at various places, be-
cause my life as an educator begins and ends with them.
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