I would like to thank Bruno, first and foremost, for making this book a pos-
sibility. I can honestly say I never saw it coming. I would also like to thank
Lucia and her family for their friendship and generosity over the years. My
only hope is that someday I can repay you.
Otherwise, my thanks go to Bill McNally and Neville Thorley for their
enthusiastic reading of an early version of this manuscript; Raquel Heidorn
for her invaluable help with transcription; my friends at the David Rocke-
feller Center for Latin American Studies for their support; Luis Eduardo
Soares, Myrian Sepúlveda dos Santos, Javier Auyero, and Bryan McCann for
their time and insights; and Gisela Fosado and Lorien Olive at Duke for just
about everything else.
Finally, I’d like to thank my family, past, present, and future, for all their
love, patience, and understanding.
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