Sven Balas is the pseudonym of a Croatian writer and broadcaster.
Branka Prpa-Jovanović (Croatian) is a historian who works at the Institute of the History
of Modern Serbia in Belgrade.
Milan Milošević (Serbian) is one of the founders of Vreme and its political commentator.
He is a memberof the HonorCourt of the Independent Association of Serbian Journal-
ists. From  to  he was a journalist and an editor at the Belgrade weekly NIN.
James Ridgeway, the Washington political correspondent for the Village Voice, is the au-
thorof more than a dozen books on domestic and international politics, including Blood
in the Face, The Rise of a New White Culture, The March to War, and Red Light.
Stipe Sikavica (Croatian) was a journalist for The People’s Army and Front, two principal
army periodicals in the former Yugoslavia. He was forced to retire in  after publish-
ing an article on the role of the military establishment in helping Milošević consolidate
his power. He has been a freelance writer since  for Borba (now Naša Borba), the
Belgrade independent daily, and Republika, the independent monthly.
Ejub Štitkovac (Muslim) graduated from Gazi Husrevbeg, Sarajevo’s Islamic theological
school, and worked as an imam fortwo years nearMostar. He is a commentatoron the
Islamic and Arab world for the independent daily Naša Borba and the author of a book
of poems and a novel about his Bosnian hometown of Žepa.
Mirko Tepavac (mixed Serbian and Croatian origin) was the minister of foreign affairs in
the former Yugoslavia from the s until he resigned in protest in . He is one of
the main contributors to Republika, the independent opposition monthly in Belgrade.
Ivan Torov (Macedonian) is a political commentatorforthe independent Belgrade daily
Naša Borba and the recipient of Borba’s annual award for journalism for . Before
the warhe also wrote forDanas (published in Zagreb) and Oslobodjenje (published in
Jasminka Udovički (Serbian) is Professor of Social Science, Department of Critical
Studies, at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She is a coauthor of The National
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