1901 Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
1910 Precocious winner of "exhibition" (scholarship) to Queen's Royal
1918-19 Graduates from Queen's Royal College with "School Certifi-
cate" and begins career as teacher; joins Maple Cricket Club, team of
creoles and upward-bound blacks; helps organize Trinidad literary club,
the Maverick.
1920-26 Teaches, organizes school theatrical group to perform Shake-
speare; speaks publicly for Arthur Cipriani, labor activist and success-
ful candidate for Mayor of Port of Spain; writes occasionally on cricket
for the
Labour Leader,
a newspaper of Cipriani's movement-the Trini-
dad Workingmen's Association.
1927 First short story published, "La Divina Pastora," in the British
Saturday Review,
story reprinted in
Best Short Stories
1929-30 Coedits two issues of literary journal,
with cre-
ole Alfred Mendes, future novelist; James's contributions include short
stories about lowerclass life in Trinidad.
1931-32 Contributes to
The Beacon,
edited by
Albert Gomes.
1932 Leaves Trinidad for Nelson, Lancashire, England, where
The Life
of Captain Cipriani: An Account of British Government in the West
is privately published.
1933 Moves to London, publishes
The Case for West-Indian Self Gov-
through the Hogarth Press of Leonard and Virginia Woolf; joins
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