Age of Innocence
(1958) and
Season of Adventure
(1963). Famed West
Indian novels by George Lamming, the first a bildungsroman of Lam-
ming's own intellectual and cultural origins in Barbados, the second a
literary exploration of social revolution as described in modernist prose.
Babylon. A Rastafarian term for oppressive social forces, including the
police, imperial government, and established churches.
Dub Poetry. A style of poetry influenced by the rhythms, rhyming
schemes, and speech patterns of Rastafarians and of reggae music.
Raya Dunayevskaya. Russian-born Marxist philosopher and for more
than thirty years, until her death in 1987, the foremost figure of the
"News and Letters" group. She was earlier a coleader with C. L. R. James
and Grace Lee in the Johnson-Forest Tendency of the American Trotsky-
ist movement, C.1941-50.
Wilson Harris. Guyanese novelist who is the most distinguished Carib-
bean literary modernist after Aime Cesaire. For many years a resident of
London, Harris was a social intimate of James during the 1960s and an
occasional visitor in later years.
The Invading Socialist Society. A little-known pamphlet of the Johnson-
Forest Tendency in 1947, by James, Dunayevskaya, and Grace Lee, out-
lining the argument that Stalinism was not the drastic "error" or "defor-
mation" that other Trotskyists believed, but a necessary and inevitable,
if dreadful, part of the ongoing world-historical process.
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