I have had the good fortune to work at a wonderful university with col-
leagues who are deeplycommitted to training reporters in Latin America.
Harley Shaiken, the chair of the Center for Latin American Studies at uc
Berkeley, has been especially supportive. Harley is one of few people I
know who finds it more difficult than myself to say no, and for that I am
grateful. Beatriz Manz, a former chair of the center, has also been tire-
less in advocating for Latin American projects. Orville Schell, my dean,
graciously raised money and encouraged me to spend the time that it took
to finish this book.
Amanda Crater, Angelica Jiménez, and Camilo Romero researched
many of the articles, but were not attached to any single one. The Fresh-
man Seminar Program run by Alix Schwartz offered generous support.
Vice Provosts Christina Maslach and Jan de Vries and Professor An-
gelica Stacy have encouraged creative projects. Tom Engelhardt assisted
with two of these pieces directly and inspired all of them. Others who
helped enormously include Professor Susan Eckstein, Professor María
Cristina García,Cynthia Gorney, Paul Grabowitz, Rob Gunnison, Mayra
Espina Prieto, Tiffany Mitchell, Richard Nuccio, Susan Rasky, Sandy
Valerie Millholland at Duke University Press discovered this book, and
Miriam L. Angress helped it along. Kate Lothman and Petra Dreiser were
careful, close readers.
Marty Baron, Sandra Salmans, Leslie Wayne, Barbara Wright, Cecilia
O’Leary, and Tony Platt have been faithful readers and editors. Mimi
Chakarova is not only a wonderful photographer but a diligent reporter.
Leslie and Merle Rabine make life better. My siblings Manuel, Andrea,
Robert, Susana, and Martin have been close allies through many proj-
ects. Professors Penn Kimball and Bernard Taper continue to enrich my
We are fortunate here to have an incredible staff who make sure we get
the finest students and then manage them once they arrive. We especially
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