In my first semester of graduate school at the University of Texas, Austin, I
happened upon Catarino Garza’s autobiography ‘‘La lógica de los he-
chos’’ in the Benson Latin American Collection. That same afternoon I sat
down to read Américo Paredes’s With His Pistol in His Hand, and I no-
ticed Catarino Garza’s name in the epigraph. The spark eventually turned
into a seminar paper, grew into a master’s thesis, exploded into a disserta-
tion, and finally, after radical surgery, has become this book. My advisors
Neil Foley and David Montejano, the yin and the yang of my academic
world, inspired me to keep at it and supported me through the long pro-
cess. I would like to thank the other members of my dissertation commit-
tee, who were also teachers, friends, and occasional comrades: Harry
Cleaver, Susan Deans-Smith, Alan Knight, and Mauricio Tenorio.
There have been many scholars who gave generously of their minds,
and in some cases their sources, and helped me to bring this project to
completion. At times I felt like the last runner in a long relay race. Here are
some of the other runners who passed the baton: Arnoldo De León, Celso
Garza Guajardo, José Limón, Jerry Thompson, Paul Vanderwood, David
Weber, and Emilio Zamora. A special thanks to the late Américo Paredes,
who read and commented on my master’s thesis, gently correcting my
grammar and spelling in both English and Spanish. Friends and colleagues
not only read and commented on papers and chapters along the way, but
they helped to keep me relatively sane and happy during the interminable
process of research and writing: Seth Fein, Benjamin Johnson, Laura
Lomas, Andres Reséndez, Richard Ribb, Michael Snodgrass, Alex Stern,
Sam Truett, and Justin Wolfe. Un abrazo for the participants of the urban
guerrilla seminar on modernity—Tito Bracamonte, Fanny Muñoz Ca-
brejo, Pablo Piccato, and Pamela Voekel—conducted in various safe
houses throughout Mexico City in 1995. Thanks also to present and
former colleagues and students at Lewis & Clark College whose conversa-
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