Selected Bibliography of
Works in
Researchers and observers completed much valuable scholarship and reporting
about Central Asia after the editor prepared the second edition of this book in
1988-89. The present bibliography incorporates with the earlier list a selection
of the many useful publications issued since 1987 in the English language. In
addition, some new work constantly appears in unpublished form and deserves
scrutiny. Research often requires several years to reach readers through uni-
versity presses. Also, publishers avoid issuing many dissertations, because of
their very speCialized nature. Rather than waiting for the long process of pub-
lication to run its course, the editor introduces here the authors and names of
many pertinent Ph. D. dissertations and masters' degree theses. The students'
own academic advisers normally proVide them with careful critiques of these
writings. Because the situation in Central Asia changes so rapidly in this period
of transition from Soviet hegemony, journals and newsletters offer the most up-
to-date sources of current information. That list has greatly expanded in this
edition of the book.
Ala Tau. International Association for the Promotion of Kazakh Studies
. (Seattle), 1992-1993.
Bulletin of the Association for the Advancement of Central Asian Research
(New Britain), 1988-.
Central and Inner Asian Studies (New York City), 1987-.
Central Asia and the Caucasus in World Affairs (Hastings), 1992-.
Central Asia Brief (formerly, Soviet Muslims Brief) (Leicester), 1992-.
Central Asia File (London), 1987-.
Central Asia Monitor (Fair Haven, Vermont), 1992-.
Central Asia Today (Moscow), 1993-.
Central Asian and Caucasus Chronicle. See Central Asian Newsletter.
Central Asian Collectanea (Washington, D.C.), 1958-.
Central Asian Newsletter (London), 1986-1989 (later title Central Asian and
Caucasus Chronicle), 1989-1990.
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