Abiktiri. Irrigated, 125.
Adat. Local customary law, 277
Adir. Hilly area or a mountain slope,
Agam. Music: a modal form, 465
Ahl-i ma'rifat. An educated person; an
intellectual, 383
Aivan, see Aywan
Akhir zamana. A fatal time; fatal-time
motif in poetry, 407
Akllduu kishi. An intellectual, 382
Akin. A poet-composer, 447
Ak'ir zaman. A bad time; "Bad Time"
( literature), 406
Alkim ses. Singing in a hoarse voice,
Allahsizlar. Atheists, 257
Almii. An apple, 126
AI-'ud. A short-necked lute, 437
Amach. A small iron-tipped plowshare,
Amlak. Land owned by a khan or emir.
State land, 277
Amlakdar. A tax collector, 278
Anhat. Main canal, 267
Anshi. A singer-interpreter, 447
Aqil. An intellectual, 382
Aqlldi adam. An intellectual, 382
Aqlll'i kisi. An intellectual, 382
Aqilliq adiim. An intellectual, 382
Aqsaqal. A village elder, 154, 280
Aq tiimiiki. Smoking tobacco, 127
Ariiwii. A two-wheeled cart, 321
Argamak. Breed of horses, 129
Ariq. A canal, 267
Ark. The citadel in a traditional town,
Arpa, Barley, 125
Aruz. Form of traditional Arab metri-
cal construction, 418-19, 445
As. The Ossets; Alanic tribes, 85
Ashiran husseni. Music: an Aeolian
mode, 464
At. A horse, 128
Awi. Music: the climax in an instru-
mental piece, 469
Aylr tiiye. Two-humped Bactrian
camel, 129
Aywan. Architecture: a veranda, 496-
97, 500, 502, 511, 518
Bahar. The spring season, 124
Baharikarlik. A form of dry farming,
Bakhshi. Professional class of story
tellers and musical artists, 444-48
Bakhtsizlik. Unhappiness, 408
Baksy. A magician, 447-48
Balaban. A clarinet, 449; a drum, 454
Balakhana. Architecture: little second-
story rooms, 497, 500
Band. A large dam, 270
Bang. Hashish, 127
Barkhan. Mobile, crescent-shaped sand
dunes, 121
Barmak. A syllabic verse form, 445
Basqaq. Tax farmers employed by the
government, 21
Bay. A wealthy man, 302
Bayat, bayati. A musical mode, 440,
Beda. Alfalfa, 126
Bek. Governor of a city or region of
the khanates, 278
Bilimli. An educated man; an intel-
lectual, 383
Bilimpaz. An educated man; an intel-
lectual, 383
Bogara. Russian: a form of dry farm-
ing, 124
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