The {ontributors
(in 1993)
Edward A. Allworth is Professor Emeritus of Turco-Soviet Studies,
Columbia University, and a member of the executive committees
of the Harriman Institute and the Center for the Study of Central
Asia, Columbia University. Recent publications include The Mod-
ern Uzheks, from the Fourteenth Century to the Present:
History (1990); "The Cultural Identity of Central Asian Leaders: The
Problem of Affinity with Followers," Central Asia Monitor (1993);
and coeditor of the English version of Muslim Communities Re-
emerge: Historical Perspectives on Nationality, Politics and Oppo-
sition in the Former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia (1994).
Helime Carrere d'Encausse is Professor of Political Science in the
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Universite de Paris). Like other
authors of this book, she has traveled and carried on research in
Central Asia. Her latest works include Ni Paix ni Guerre (1986 in
French; 1988 in English); Islam and the Russian Empire: Reform
and Revolution in Central Asia trans. from French (1988); and The
End of the Soviet Empire: the Triumph of the Nations (1993).
Ian Murray Matley (1921-93) was Emeritus Professor of Geography,
Michigan State University. His many contributions to the field in-
clude coauthoring with Arthur Adams and William McCagg Atlas
of Russian and East European History (1967); "The Murghab Oasis:
The Modernization of an Ancient Irrigation System," Canadian Sla-
vonic Papers (Summer-Fall 1975); and "Central Asia and Kazakh-
stan," in Economics of Soviet Regions, eds. I. S. Koropeckij and
Gertrude E. Schroeder (1981).
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