The editor thanks Karl H. Menges, Azamat Altay, and Paula Rubel for
providing three excellent illustrations used in the book, and acknowledges
real debts to Janet Allworth, Muriel Dimin, and Carlene Richardson, who
typed and retyped the difficult manuscript. Sketches of musical instru-
ments were drawn by Asae Ukiya, the jacket design is by Douglas Lynch,
and the fine translations of chapters four to ten from French were made
by David Morgan. Sincere thanks for good advice graciously given at
crucial stages in the project go to many persons, including especially
Azamat Altay, Robert Austerlitz, Alexandre Bennigsen, George R. Collins,
Alexander Dallin, Douglas M. Dunlop, Richard Ettinghausen, Morton
Fried, Charles Issawi, Machmud Maksud-Bek, Kenneth Medlin, Natalia
Menges, and Willard Rhodes.
Original maps have been edited by Ian Murray MatIey, and the car-
tography provided by Betty Bellaire. Sources for the maps: Figure 1.1
(prepared by Edward AIlworth): Ozhekistan SSR tarikhi (Tashkent,
Ozbekistan SSR Fanlar Akademiyasi, 1957), vol. I, part 2, pp. 102-3, and
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Tipo-Litografiia V. V. Komarova, 1906), vol. I; Figure 1.3: Terent'ev, vol.
IV, plate 5; Figures 2.1 and 2.2 (prepared by Karl H. Menges); Figures
3.1 and 3.2 (prepared by Ian Murray MatIey): Aziatskaia Rossiia, Atlas
(St. Petersburg, Pereselencheskoe Upravlienie Glavnago Upravlieniia
Zemleustroistva i Zemledieliia, 1914), plate 26, and V. P. Semenov Tian-
Shanskii, ed., Rossiia: Polnoe geograficheskoe opisanie (St. Petersburg,
A. F. Devrien, 1913), XIX (Turkestanskii krai), 348, 352, and V. V.
Zaorskaia and K. A. Aleksandr, Promyshlenniia zavedeniia turkestanskago
kraia (Petrograd, M. Z. Otdiel Zemel'nykh Uluchshenii, 1915), and Atlas
SSSR (Moscow, 1962), pp. 98-99, and P. G. Pod"iachikh, Naselenie
SSSR (Moscow, Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel'stvo Politicheskoi Literatury,
1961), and other census reports; Figure 5.1: N. P. Ostroumov, Sarty:
Etnograficheskie materialy (2d ed.; Tashkent, Izdanie Knizhnago Maga-
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