aaprp All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party
abmu Atlanta Baptist Ministers Union
acarsa Atlanta Coalition Against Repression in South Africa
acca Atlanta Committee for Cooperative Action
aclu American Civil Liberties Union
acpl Atlanta Civic and Political League
acrc All-Citizens Registration Committee
afscme American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
alsc African Liberation Support Committee
anc African National Congress
anvl Atlanta Negro Voters League
aslc Atlanta Summit Leadership Conference
auc Atlanta University Center
aul Atlanta Urban League
auslg All-University Student Leadership Group
bcm Black Consciousness Movement
blf Black Liberation Front
bpp Black Panther Party
bpc Black People’s Convention
bsa Black Student Alliance
bsu Black Student Union
buf Black United Fund
bwc Black Workers Congress
caas Center for African and African-American Studies
cap Congress of African People
cbc Congressional Black Caucus
cep Citizenship Education Project
cfsa Coalition for a Free South Africa
cic Committee on Interracial Cooperation
coahr Committee on Appeal for Human Rights
core Congress of Racial Equality
coti Amilcar Cabral Community Organizing Training Institute
era Equal Rights Amendment
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