f all those to whom I am indebted, my greatest thanks are
due to the former and current residents of Cherry Grove who gener-
ously put their time and thought into answering my questions, espe-
cially the forty- six people to whom I refer as the principal narrators,
whose memories form the basis of this book. Besides the Grovers
whom I thank in the methods appendix, I am grateful to the late
George Feihl, who, terribly frail and sick with prostate cancer, indeed
only weeks away from death, exhausted himself one afternoon in 1986
pouring out Grove stories, inspiring me with the passionate convic-
tion that this history had to be preserved and told.
Thanks to the people who either read parts of the manuscript and
made comments or came up with good ideas about organizing and
editing it, or both: George Chauncey, John D’Emilio, Madeline Davis,
Lisa Duggan, Jeff Escoffier, Shirley Walton, Liz Kennedy, Ellen
Lewin, Jane Rosett, and David M. Schneider, along with Grovers
Peter Worth, George Gibson, and Bob Adams. More than anyone
else, Amber Hollibaugh made me believe I could do this and always
had such good ideas about how. Thanks to Carroll Smith- Rosenberg
and Alvia Golden for their friendship and support during a difficult
weekend at the inception of the project. Grovers Lucy Lloyd and
Diane Quero were a constant source of friendship, good food, and en-
couragement during the summers. They provided a patient audience
for my ideas and shared my enthusiasm for the history.
Lauren Bryant, the skilled and committed editor at Beacon Press,
gave me good suggestions large and small based on her close atten-
tion to preliminary drafts of my manuscript. She also accepted early
delays with good grace and in the middle and late stages of the writ-
ing gave out a mixture of telephonic encouragement and browbeat-
ing, which proved effective in getting me to make a deadline that
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