o many people helped me in this undertaking. I begin
thanking the mentors and scholars, both known to
me and known only through their scholarship, whose work
continues to inspire. I offer sincere and eternally renewing
thanks for the help, advice, and friendship of Sharon F.
Patton. I would like to thank also Richard J. Powell, Elsa
Barkley Brown, George Gurney, Diane Kirkpatrick, Mar-
garet Cool Root, Ilene H. Forsyth, Carol J. Ockman (I
took to heart our walks along the trails in Williamstown
and your caution to shine a light between Lewis and her
works), Thomas Crow, Ronnie Hartfield, Howardena Pin-
dell, Joyce Szabo, Basia Irland, Pamela Gooden (no, you
have changed my life), Valerie Mercer, Amalia Amaki, Bill
Gaskins, Lisa Farrington, Freida High W. Tesfagiorgis,
Floyd Coleman, Tritobia Hayes Benjamin, Barry Gaither,
Eileen Johnston, Scott Baker, Leslie King Hammond,
Brenda Chandler, Jacquelyn Serwer (thank you for allow-
ing me the luxury of thinking more intensively about
Lewis’s cartes-de-visite), Walter and Linda Evans (thank
you for the access to your brilliant collection and the many
kindnesses you both have shown me), and Adolph Reed
(you have opened mental doors for me).
I also wish to gratefully acknowledge the Smithsonian
American Art Museum and my experiences there as a pre-
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