illustrations and tables
Map of Chile Showing National Borders and Research Locales 34
1. Children of fate: the Puelma children when they first arrived at the
court in November 1894. 2
2. Doña Emiliana Subercaseaux, her husband Don Melchor Concha y
Toro, and two eldest sons, Carlos and Daniel, ca. 1865. 5
3. The power of lineage: the Errázuriz family on the Hacienda El Huique
(Colchagua), ca. 1895. 11
4. Market sellers, ca. 1890s. 31
5. Children of the fatherland: the Puelma children once they had been
washed, clothed, and fed. 37
6. An unidentified father and his children, Santiago, 1865. 50
7. Doña Mercedes Alvarez, Don Salvador’s daughter. 73
8. Doña Dolores Pérez de Alvarez, Don Salvador’s mother. 88
9. Don José FranciscoVergara,husbandofDoñaMercedesAlvarez,
ca. 1879. 88
10. Pablo Pérez’s autobiography The Orphan: True Story Recounted
by a Foundling of the Casa de Maternidad of Santiago, published
in 1898. 105
11. Nathaniel Miers-Cox and grandson, 1903. 110
12. Ironing class at the Institute of the Hijas de María Inmaculada for
Domestic Service. Santiago, ca. 1920. 193
13. Advertised in the classifieds: books, salt, children. 200
14. Children on Hacienda El Huique (Colchagua), 1930s. 202
15. Children work the grape harvest, 1930s. 204
16. One of the families constituted by the Social Service, 1927. 223
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