Editors’ Acknowledgments
It has been an exciting and stimulating process to bring to fruition a
project that began with a series of discussions among the editors and
other anthropologists conducting field research in Beijing during the fall
of 1995. Since those meetings, we have received intellectual, financial, and
logistical support from numerous people and institutions. We want to
especially thank Virginia Cornue for her participation in the formative
stages of this project.
The chapters in this volume were first presented at a workshop held on
September 27–28, 1997, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Fi-
nancial support for the workshop was provided by a Pacific Rim Research
Program workshop grant from the University of California O≈ce of the
President. Additional support came from the Department of Anthropol-
ogy and the Center for Cultural Studies at UC Santa Cruz and the Center
for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley. The workshop would not have been
possible without Cheryl Barkey’s assistance and support. In addition to
the contributors in the volume, we would also like to thank Xin Liu, Hai
Ren, Dawn Einwalter, and Virginia Cornue for their presentations at the
workshop. The presenters benefited from the intellectual insights and
suggestions of panel discussants: Ann Anagnost, Aihwa Ong, Lisa Rofel,
and Mayfair Yang. Raoul Birnbaum, Gail Hershatter, Emily Honig, and
Bruce Larkin generously assisted in chairing the panels. Tani Barlow,
Madeleine Dong Yue, Tom Gold, Greg Guldin, and Tim Oakes provided
additional inspiration throughout the workshop.
The final version of the volume has benefited from a careful reading
and incisive suggestions by Stevan Harrell and an anonymous reviewer
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