But if the little fox,
After nearly completing the crossing,
Gets his tail in the water,
There is nothing that would further.
Hexagram 64, "Before completion," Yijing
I published a book in French on new Chinese cultural phe-
nomena entitled A Small Cultural Revolution.
I believed that a revolu-
tion in the cultural sphere had occurred and so attempted to present
the radically manifest changes that I had tracked in the different cul-
tural spheres (literature, music, theater, television, arts) and in the new
words that were being used all over China - while ordering them into an
organic whole. To my mind, the year
marks the end of that cultural
revolution, which lasted some ten years.
Since then, there have been further changes, sequential ones, smaller
ones. That is, evolution and continuation. Nothing is ever absolutely
at rest; nonchange is also a form of change, or so claims the Book of
Changes or Yijing.
Now that more than ten years have gone by, it is pos-
sible to reassess the transformations, to reorder them into generations,
successions that were not visible while they were in process.
This present work attempts to be a handbook of the changes that Chi-
nese culture has undergone in the past decade. The index will allow the
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