I have had overwhelming institutional support for this project, be-
ginning with the American Bar Foundation, which funded my ini-
tial trip to the Costa Chica in 1992 while I was a Dissertation Fel-
low in Chicago. In 1997–98 the Research Institute for the Study of
Man and the Wenner- Gren Foundation for Anthropological Re-
search (Gr. 6073) funded long- term fieldwork. I am particularly
grateful to Wenner- Gren for providing grant money earmarked
for the community of San Nicolás Tolentino. Those funds were
used to make a road passable during the rainy season and to pur-
chase sports equipment for young people, books for local school
teachers, and reading glasses for the elderly. James Madison Uni-
versity generously contributed with a sabbatical for fieldwork in
1997 shortly after I was hired, a Faculty Summer Research Grant in
1999 for archival research in Mexico City and Chilpancingo, Guer-
rero, the Edna T. Schaefer Humanist Award in 2000 for research
on visual culture, another Faculty Summer Research Grant in 2007
for work at the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture
in New York City, and a sabbatical in spring 2010.
In 2002–3 the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
supported further research and initial writing with a Guggenheim
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