I am grateful to the University of Montana for granting me a sabbatical
that enabled me to work on this project. Thanks to Vani Prakashan,
Delhi, for permission to translate from their edition of Chand Haseenon
ke Khutoot. Many thanks to Archana Varma for help with translating
certain words and phrases, and to Saleem Kidwai for reading and com-
menting on both the translations and the introduction to this collection
on very short notice. Thanks to Sadiq R. Kidwai and Frances Pritchett
for answering queries, and to Reema Kansal for research assistance in
Delhi. Thanks, too, to the readers at Duke University Press, whose com-
ments helped me improve the introduction. I am grateful to my mother
for providing the comfortable atmosphere at home in Delhi, where I did
much of the work for this book, and to my partner, Monica Bachmann,
for very valuable help with the introduction. Any errors that remain are
my own.
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