Aljun Appadurai
teaches anthropology and directs the Globalization Project at the University
of Chicago. He is the author of Worship and Conjlict under Colonial Rule (1981) and Modernity at
Larne (1996), editor of The Social Lift
Thinns (1986), and coeditor of Gender, Genre, and Power in
South Asian Expressive Traditions (1991, with Margaret Mills and Frank Korom). He is currently
studying ethnic violence in Bombay.
Etienne Balibar
is a professor of political philosophy at the Universite de Paris I, Nanterre.
His many books include Reading Capital (1970, with Louis Althusser), Race, Nation, Class (1991,
with Immanuel Wallerstein), Les Frontieres de la Democratie (1992), and Masses, Classes, and Ideas
(1994). His recent research is on extreme violence and the problem of civility.
Thomas Bender
teaches American intellectual and urban history at New York University. His
books include Toward an Urban Vision (1975), Community and Social Change in America (1978), New
York Intellect (1987), and Intellect and Public Lift (1993). He has also edited The University and the
City (1988) and coedited (with Carl E. Schorske) Budapest and New York (1994) and American
Academic Culture in Traniformation: Fifty Years, Four Disciplines (1998). He is the director of the
Project on Cities and Urban Knowledges in NYU's International Center for Advanced Studies.
P. R.
teaches anthropology at the University of California, Irvine, and is also a
research associate at
(Centro Brasileiro de AniLise e Planejamento) in Sao Paulo. She
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