I depended on a great many people for the comple-
tion of this book, but there are several to whom I owe
a special debt of gratitude. David Der-wei Wang mo-
tivated this project and so much more through his
unstinting support and guidance throughout my edu-
cation and career. Wang Xiaoming, who generously
hosted two research leaves at the Shanghai University
Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies, inspired
this book with his insightful direction and passion for
social change. Direction provided by Chen Xiaoming of
Peking University was instrumental in each stage of my
research. Critical input from Judith Farquhar, William
Olmsted, Sandra Visser, and Stephen Westin proved
essential during the writing process.
I am grateful for the support of an American Re-
search in the Humanities in China Award provided by
the American Council of Learned Societies, and par-
ticularly thank Sandra Bradley and Zhu Shanjie for so
capably facilitating visiting scholar logistics. My re-
search was further supported by programs at the Uni-
versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, including a
Grier/Woods Presbyterian China Initiative Fellowship
in Chinese Studies administered by the Carolina Asia
Center, and a Faculty Research and Study Leave pro-
vided by the College of Arts and Sciences and the De-
partment of Asian Studies. I received generous sum-
mer research funds from Valparaiso University. A
University of North Carolina Research Council Publica-
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