The idea for this collection first arose at the 2002 Latin American City
Symposium hosted by the University of Miami. I coordinated that event
in conjunction with my course, “Problems in Cultural Analysis: The Latin
American Mega-city,” and with the University of Miami School of Archi-
tecture’s conference, “New Civic Art: Euro-Latin American Connections.” I
am deeply grateful to the symposium’s sponsors at the University of Miami:
the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, the Joseph Carter
Memorial Fund, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the dean of
the College of Arts and Sciences. I also thank the individual participants
and supporters of the Symposium: David Ellison, Robert F. Levine, James
Wyche, Lillian Manzor, Christina Civantos, Viviana Díaz Balsera, Marc Brud-
zinski, Elena Grau-Llevaría, Steven Butterman, Jane Connolly, Greta West,
Gylla Lucky, Lilly Leyva, Jean-François LeJeune, Felipe Agüero, Bill Smith,
Steve Stein, Roxana Dávila, Daniel Balderston, Debra Castillo, Nelson Bris-
sac Peixoto, Adrián Gorelik, Amy Kaminsky, José Quiroga, Nelly Richard,
Marcy Schwartz, George Yúdice, Cristina Mehrtens, Raúl Rubio, Laura Po-
dalsky, Carlos Monsiváis, Beatriz Sarlo, Carlos Alonso, Celeste Delgado,
Ralph Heyndels, Juan Carlos Pérez, and Michelle Warren. Discussions with
the students in my 2002 course contributed much to the focus of this vol-
ume; I thank María Isabel Alfonso, Michel Arellini, Greg Barnett, Meredith
Chin-Sang, Iván Figueroa, Amanda Goldberg, Letitia James, Martín Ponti,
Salvador Raggio, Alberto Vaquer, Nick Belha, and Rosario Ramírez for their
enthusiastic and insightful participation. Dartmouth College provided me
with sabbatical support and research funds that made the final preparation
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