I owe this book to the effort of many people. Xóchitl Medina read the fol-
lowing pages and improved everything about them. She and my daughters
helped me see the reason to do it, so this book is theirs. The University of
Texas at Austin was the place where it began as a dissertation submitted in
1997. I thank first Jonathan C. Brown, my adviser, and the teachers (Susan
Deans-Smith, Richard Graham, Alan Knight, Sandra Lauderdale-Graham,
Naomi Lindstrom, and Mauricio Tenorio) and fellow students (Catherine
Nolan, Daniel Hayworth, Mark Macleod, Joseph Ridout, Michael Snod-
grass, Pamela Voekel, and Elliott Young) who made comments to papers
or ideas that became part of this book and encouraged me beyond their
duty.To many I am indebted for their advice, interest, and generosity during
the research and writing process of the book: Félix Alonso, Carlos Aguirre,
Jaime del Arenal, Silvia Arrom, Edward Beatty, Tito Bracamontes, Fanny
Cabrejo, Gabriela Cano, Brian Connaughton, Ana Gamboa de Trejo, Re-
nato González Mello, Matt Gutmann,Carlos Illades,Timothy Kessler, Her-
bert Klein, John Lear, Steve Lewis, Javier Macgregor, Salvador Martínez
Martínez, Jose Humberto Medina González, Kevin Middlebrook, Alisa
Newman, Marcela Noguez, Juan Ortiz, Ricardo Pérez Montfort, David
Parker, Cecilia Piccato, Antonio Piccato, Josué Ramírez, Ariel Rodríguez
Kuri, Cristina Sacristán, Richard Snyder, Alejandro Tortolero, Eric Van
Young, Heather Williams, Justin Wolfe, and René Zenteno. Robert Buffing-
ton generously read the entire manuscript and, as Seth Fein, made invalu-
able comments. Credit for the mistakes is entirely mine.
I am indebted to the staffs of the Benson Latin American Collection at
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