Data Collection, Sources, and Methods
In writing this book, I have drawn upon a number of di√erent
data sources. Sometimes, my use of these sources has been trans-
parent; at other times, I have built my arguments upon one or
another data source without discussing it explicitly. Throughout
the book I have tried to place the substantive arguments, rather
than the underlying data, on the center stage. In doing so I hoped
to make the book palatable to a broad audience. However, the
value of a study like this is inherently tied to the quality of the
data and its use.
Because di√erent chapters of the book relied on di√erent
kinds of data, it may be hard for readers to get an overall sense of
the data from reading the book chapter by chapter. My first goal
in writing this appendix is therefore to simply outline all of the
major primary and secondary data sources that I rely on. My
second goal is to supply details about the data collection, coding,
and analysis procedures for each type of data. Some of the data
sources that I rely upon are well known, while others are not.
Even in the case of some of the well-known primary sources, my
methods of data collection and analysis are sometimes quite dif-
ferent from those of other authors. Most of this appendix ad-
dresses my treatment of the primary data sources. My use of
secondary data sources is more standard, and so I treat these
together in the last section.
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