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Farmers Alliance and Hypothecation Warehouse of Virginia.
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burgh and Philadephia, Pa. [Microfilm].
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Charles W. Macune. Published by the National Economist
Publishing Co. [Microfilm]
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son. Published by the People’s Party Paper Publishing Co.
The Planet (1890–1894). Richmond. Edited by John Mitchell.
Published by the Planet Publishing Co. [Microfilm.]
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Sun Publishing Co. [Microfilm].
archival sources and documents
Atlanta City Directory for 1890. Compiled and published by R. L.
Polk and Co.
Chataigne’s Richmond City Directory for the Years 1879–80. Com-
piled by J. H. Chataigne. Published by Rudolph and English
Chataigne’s Directory of Richmond, Va., 1885, 1889. Compiled and
published by J. H. Chataigne.
Colored Farmers’ National Alliance and Co-operative Union.
Ritual of the Colored Farmers’ National Allinace and Co-
operative Union of the United States. Houston: Culmore Bros.,
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