Like many books that began as dissertations, mine has benefitted
from the seemingly inexhaustible generosity, guidance, and vision of
graduate school mentors: sincere thanks to Susan Jeffords, Carolyn
Allen, and Sydney Kaplan at the University of Washington. I am
especially indebted to Evan Watkins, who believed in this project
from its murky beginnings and served as an exceptional and compas-
sionate director. I want to acknowledge here his assistance in mat-
ters large and small: from incisive analysis to painstaking sentence
Numerous friends, colleagues, and scholars in the field have also
made invaluable contributions to the evolution of the manuscript by
offering rigorous readings of its chapters, practical advice, and, often,
fabulous dinners!: Caren Kaplan, Eric Smoodin, Michael Ragus-
sis, Leona Fisher, Rosemary Graham, Nancy Armstrong, and Cora
Kaplan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Other friends, family, and students have encouraged my efforts
and, best of all, proven to be good company: Norma Tilden, Kim
Hall, Leslie Brown, Deb Kasman, Neil Fox, Barbara and Bob Ful-
lone, the Bednar clan, Peggy Shaker, Holmes Brown, Barbara and
Sam Dyer, Steve Stein, Kerri Flaherty, Vanessa Landegger, Brenda
Carter, and Elizabeth Bleicher. Special thanks to Suzanne Sowin-
ska-our countless conversations about class inform every page of
this book.
Institutional support has been equally crucial. The University of
Washington provided me with a travel grant in 1989 to conduct re-
search in England. In addition, Georgetown University's Graduate
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