Rick Altman. Professor of French and Communication Studies at the
University of Iowa. is the editor of Genre: The Musical and Cinema/
Sound. His 1987 book. The American Film Musical, has recently ap-
peared in a paperback version and will shortly be published in French
translation. He received his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Duke Uni-
versity in 1966.
Richard Dienst. Assistant Professor of English at Purdue University.
has written Still Time in Real Life: Theory after Television. forthcom-
ing from Duke University Press.
Jane Feuer. Associate Professor of English. teaches film and popu-
lar culture at the University of Pittsburgh. She is currently working
on a book about television in the Reagan era. and used to be a Dy-
nasty fan.
Jane Gaines is Associate Professor of Literature and English at Duke
University. where she teaches film and television studies. "Dead
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