aC k noW l edgments
This book has taken a long time to write, and I owe special thanks to
Steve Valocchi and Robyn Wiegman for all their support and encourage-
ment. They not only provided a constant sounding board for my ideas
but also read most of the manuscript, sometimes in multiple drafts. I am
extremely grateful for their friendship and salutary influence over the
years. Lauren Berlant also provided much-welcome emotional and intel-
lectual support. Her incisive comments on several chapters provoked me
to think more deeply about the project and to complicate my arguments.
I have learned a great deal from her. At a crucial stage two anonymous
readers for Duke University Press reminded me of what was most inter-
esting and important about the project. I hope it will be apparent to
them how much I benefited from their astute readings of the manuscript,
which helped me to hone and strengthen it. For important conversa-
tions that contributed to my thinking, I want to thank Zayde Antrim,
Jonathan Arac, George Chauncey, Carolyn Dinshaw, Inderpal Grewal,
Judith Halberstam, David Halperin, Joan Hedrick, Annamarie Jagose,
Janet Jakobsen, Amy Kaplan, Mai Ngai, Beth Notar, Ellen Schrecker,
Marilyn Schuster, Barbara Sicherman, Chris Straayer, Susan Van Dyne,
Amy Villarejo, and Patricia White. I also want to thank Reynolds Smith
and Sharon Torian at Duke University Press for all their hard work and
enthusiasm. Reynolds has been everything one could possibly want in
an editor. His comments on an early draft of the manuscript helped me
to clarify its focus, and his commitment to my work beginning with my
first book has meant a great deal to me. I am also grateful to Courtney
Berger and Jade Brooks for their patience and astute editorial guidance.
I also want to acknowledge the late Gillian Brown, who on a cold and
dreary afternoon in Salt Lake City many years ago cheered me up when
she planted the seed for this project by encouraging me to write about
Joan Crawford. I miss you, Gillian! Finally, I want to dedicate the book
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