ac know ledg ments
This book is an outcome of the Discovery Proj ect “Museum, Field, Metropo-
lis, Colony: Practices of Social Governance” (Award Number dp110103776),
funded by the Australian Research Council. The research grant was awarded
to Tony Bennett (convenor) and Fiona Cameron at the Institute for Culture
and Society, Western Sydney University, as chief investigators, and to Nélia
Dias (University of Lisbon), Rodney Harrison (University College London),
Ira Jacknis (University of California, Berkeley), and Conal McCarthy (Vic-
toria University of Wellington) as international partner investigators. Ben
Dibley was the research fellow appointed to the proj ect. The proj ect was also
supported by research assistance from Michelle Kelly.
In Australia our work was generously and helpfully guided by an indige-
nous advisory committee that included Phil Gordon, man ag er of Indigenous
Heritage, Australian Museum (chair); Laura McBride, Australian Museum;
Lyndon Ormond Parker, University of Melbourne; Garry Pappin, University
of Canberra; Mat Poll, Macleay Museum; and Chris Wilson, Flinders Univer-
sity. In New Zealand we were helpfully advised by Professor Paul Tapsell, Te
Tumu: School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies, University of Otago.
We thank all of the individuals mentioned here for giving so generously of
their time and knowledge throughout the duration of our research proj ect.
We are also grateful to the many scholars whose participation in the work-
shops and symposia that we or ga nized over the course of the proj ect greatly
enriched the intellectual environment for our work. Our first research work-
shop, Colonial Governmentalities, brought together members of the research
team with an international group of invited participants, including Philip
Batty (Melbourne Museum), Elizabeth Edwards (Durham University), Hen-
rika Kuklick (University of Pennsylvania), Tim Rowse (University of West-
ern Sydney), Paul Tapsell (University of Otago), Julie Thorpe (University
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