This volume has its origins in a conference of the same name presented at
Columbia University in April 2003. The editors would like to thank the
participants in this conference: Susan Buck-Morss, T. J. Demos, Tom
Gunning, Branden Joseph, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Pamela Lee, Reinhold
Martin, Stephen Melville, Molly Nesbit, Alexander Potts, Arvind Rajaga-
pol, and keynote speaker Jacques Rancière, as well as our faculty spon-
sors, John Rajchman, Rosalind Krauss, Benjamin Buchloh, and Jonathan
Crary. We would also like to thank Barry Bergdoll and Hillary Ballon and
the Department of Art History and Archaeology, the Graduate School of
Arts and Sciences, and the Institute for Comparative Literature and
Society at Columbia University for supporting the conference. Thanks
go to Ken Wissoker and Mandy Earley at Duke University Press for their
editorial help. Finally, we would like to give a special thanks to John
Rajchman for bringing our editorial group together and for providing
crucial encouragement during the early stages of this project.
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