laurence a. breiner is Professor of English at Boston University. His book An
Introduction to West Indian Poetry was published by Cambridge University Press in
bruce campbell is Assistant Professor of German Studies at the College of Wil-
liam and Mary, where he specializes in right-wing culture during the Weimar
Republic, paramilitary organizations, the biographical study of Holocaust per-
petrators, state violence, and German cultural studies. He is the author of The SA
Generals and the Rise of Nazism (1998) and the editor, with Arthur Brenner, of
Death Squads: Murder with Deniability (2000).
mary desjardins is an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, where she
teaches film, television, and women’s studies. She has published essays on stardom
and feminist film and television theory in many journals and anthologies and is
currently completing a book entitled Recycled Stars: Film Stardom in the Age of
Television and Video.
lauren m. e. goodlad has recently joined the English Department at the Univer-
sity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, after spending several years at the University of
Washington in Seattle. She is the author of Victorian Literature and the Victorian
State: Character and Governance in a Liberal Society (forthcoming from Johns
Hopkins University Press) and the coeditor of Goth: Un-Dead Subculture (forth-
coming from Duke University Press).
nina huntemann is an assistant professor of communication at Westfield State
College. She is producer and director of an educational documentary, Game Over:
Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games, completed in 2000 and distributed by
the Media Education Foundation.
leah lowe is a visiting assistant professor in theatre at Connecticut College.
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