it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the many debts I have
incurred in completing this book. I would first like to extend my special
thanks to John Coatsworth and Friedrich Katz, my professors at the Univer-
sity of Chicago. I am extremely grateful for the advice, support, and encour-
agement they have given me every step of the way; their own work has also
been a great source of inspiration to me. I am also deeply appreciative for the
intellectual and moral support of Je√rey Gould, Leora Auslander, and Hans
Werner Tobler, who guided my first foray into Nicaraguan history.
In Nicaragua, I am profoundly indebted to the sta√s of numerous archives
and libraries for their unbounded generosity and flexibility, without which I
would not have been able to complete this study. I would especially like to
thank Alfredo González Vílchez, Ana Rosa Morales, and their colleagues at
the Archivo Nacional de Nicaragua; Eliázar Morales Marenco and Juana
Blanco Mendoza of the Archivo de la Municipalidad y de la Prefectura de
Granada; Margarita Vannini and the sta√ of the Instituto de Historia de
Nicaragua y Centroamérica; Reyna Clark and the sta√ of the Registro Público
de la Propiedad de Granada; and the sta√ of the Hemeroteca Nacional de
Nicaragua, particularly Edmundo Navarro and Cristina Ortega. All allowed
me especially broad access to their holdings and provided helpful advice; they
were also extremely welcoming to me and supportive of my project. I am also
deeply indebted to Silvio Urbina Ruiz and Leopoldo Guevara of the Alcaldía
de Granada for allowing me unlimited access to the municipality’s historical
documents and for backing my work at a key moment in the research. I
would also like to express my thanks to Eva Tatiana Torres from the Instituto
de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica for providing me with photo-
graphs for this book.
I am deeply appreciative of the support and advice I received from many
scholars in Nicaragua. I particularly want to thank the following researchers
at Managua’s Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica for sharing
with me their knowledge of Nicaraguan history and for their intellectual
camaraderie: Margarita Vannini, Frances Kinloch Tijerino, Alvaro Argüello
Hurtado, and Miguel Angel Herrera Cuarezma. I am especially grateful for
Miguel Angel’s friendship and hospitality, and for Frances’s and Margarita’s
unwavering support and generosity. Many thanks also go to Germán Romero
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