any thanks to the South End Press, the greatest publishers on
,., \ planet Earth, for supporting this work. The professional,
personal and political support South End gave me to finish this
project was astounding. Not many publishers will not only help
you with editing, but help you with babysitting (thanks Asha Tall
and Jill Petty!) In particular, I must profusely thank Jill Petty for
devoting countless hours to the manuscript. Her political commit-
ment as well as her kindness, generosity and patience was very
inspiring to me. Theresa Noll and Nina Samelle also assisted with
the research and fact checking for this book. Donna Kiefer and
Erich Strom were helpful in proofreading the manuscript. And
Alyssa Hassan did a great job with the production and layout of
the book. South End Press plays such an invaluable role in sup-
porting progressive social movements in the U.S., and I am so
grateful for the work they do.
I cannot claim the analysis of this book as my own. Rather, it
comes from what I have learned from countless Native women
and women of color in various organizing projects. I would like to
thank all the women from Women of All Red Nations (WARN) in
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