Appendix A:
Locally Generated History of Maimafu
The History of Maimafu and the Lufa District of Papua New Guinea by Mr. Kaya-
guna Kelego as Given to Paige West on This Day of Her Research for Her Book on
Maimafu Village
1933 First Seventh-Day Adventist (sda) missionaries in the Eastern
1948 James Leahy starts the first co√ee plantation in the Eastern
1949 First Lutheran missionary in the Lufa District (in Kisaveroka)
1951 First patrol by a white man on our land
1952 First Lutheran mission built at Lufa
1952 New Tribes Mission built at Kami
1953 Faith Mission built by Master Ben at Gona
1954 Australian patrol post moved to Lufa
1955 First colonial appointed luluais [village chief, appointed by colonial
government] and tultuls [assistant village chief] in Lufa District
1960 Large settlement moved to old Motai from Abigarima.
1960 First governmental representation from Maimafu (Molekey)
1961 First Kiap comes to Maimafu
1962 Master Ben comes to Maimafu
1962 Total eclipse of the sun
1962 First missionaries into Maimafu (sda—Mr. Kassa), 1962–1977
1962 Large settlement moved to new Motai from old Motai
1963 Last public male initiation in Maimafu
1964 First co√ee seeds to Maimafu
1964 Landslide in Maimafu
1966 First man from Maimafu (Kayaguna) goes to school, 1966–1970
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