Writing, this book has taught me, can be a curiously solitary and yet also
collaborative process. For all that one may strive to avoid distractions and
even social contact in order to spend time alone in front of a computer,
there are a remarkable number of individuals and institutions whose sup-
port and input are essential to any publication. I am forever grateful to
the music makers I came to know in Brazil for their generosity of time
and spirit. I extend special appreciation to each of the creative individu-
als I discuss herein for sharing some measure of their lives and work with
me, especially Fernanda Abreu, Celso Alvim, Sacha Amback, Rodrigo Cam-
pello, Tom Capone, Walter Costa, Fausto Fawcett, C. A. Ferrari, Celso Fon-
seca, Lenine, Liminha, Pedro Luís, Ivo Meirelles, Suely Mesquita, Paulinho
Moska, Mário Moura, Chico Neves, Maurício Pacheco, Lucas Santtana,
Sidon Silva, and Marcos Suzano. There are, however, many others whom
I do not specifically cite or mention in this book yet who did much to en-
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