1. Quoted speech in this section is from my own transcription of the de-
bate, which I attended. Carlos Lyra, a musician associated with the early
years of bossa nova and “engaged” song, was also scheduled to participate
but did not. Interestingly, thirty- two years earlier, when Marcos Valle was at
the center of second- wave bossa nova, a different roundtable debate on the
direction of Brazilian popular music touched on remarkably similar themes,
but for different reasons. That discussion was published under the title “Que
caminho seguir na música popular brasileira?” (Whither Brazilian popular
music?) in the journal Revista Civilização Brasileira. This earlier debate is often
cited as the forum in which Caetano Veloso introduced his concept of the
“evolutionary line” of mpb (A. L. Barbosa et al. 1966, 384).
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