endeavor, the author of this work can take
only partial credit for its insights while assuming full responsibility
for its shortcomings. Among the many friends, colleagues, and
family who have offered encouragement along the way, lowe none
a greater debt of gratitude than my wife, Sheree. This book is the
beneficiary of her excellent editing skills, but my debt to her ex-
tends vastly further. She has given me freely her patient, loyal love
as we juggled writing, careers, and rearing small children.
is no
small mercy that our bond of affection has grown stronger through
these years, and we delight in each other's love and friendship now
more than ever.
Second only to my debt to Sheree is that to my mentor at North-
western University, T. H. Breen, without whose early faith in my
work this project would never have been initiated. His imagina-
tive scholarship set a high standard to which I continue to aspire,
and his acute criticism and steady support prompted me to do my
best. He also worked hard to help me obtain the funding neces-
sary to continue my work, and lowe him public thanks for all he
has done on my behalf. The other two members of my dissertation
committee also deserve my thanks. To valuable scholarly example
and professional guidance, James Oakes added personal friend-
ship. I benefited greatly from his keen insight into various strands
of critical theory. Karen Halttunen uniquely combined warm per-
sonal encouragement with demanding standards of scholarship.
Many others have helped in this project at various stages along
the way. Nathan Hatch of the University of Notre Dame and Mark
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