i llustrations
FIgure 1.1.
Conceive 35
FIgure 1.2.
The author at Conceive 35
FIgure 1.3.
Two nurses enter Conceive’s operating theater 36
FIgure 1.4.
The three men of Conceive 36
FIgure 1.5.
Nurses preparing Conceive’s operating theater 37
FIgure 1.6.
Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav consulting with a nurse 37
FIgure 1.7.
A hallway at Conceive 38
FIgure 1.8.
Framed baby photos adorn Conceive’s hallways 38
FIgure 1.9.
Conceive’s thousands of medical files 39
FIgure 1.10.
Dr. Pankaj holding an Emirati ivf toddler 39
FIgure 1.11.
Dubai’s Burj al- Arab, the world’s only seven- star hotel 47
FIgure 1.12.
Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building 48
FIgure 1.13.
Gulf Arabs shopping at Dubai Mall 49
FIgure 1.14.
A Middle Eastern artisanal shop in the Emirates 49
FIgure 1.15.
Emirati women preparing traditional foods 50
FIgure 1.16.
An Emirati couple at Dubai’s Global Village 50
FIgure 1.17.
A liquid nitrogen dewar tank to cryopreserve embryos 85
FIgure 1.18.
A flyer announcing Dubai’s second annual ivf twin festival 96
FIgure 1.19.
The Attar family 102
FIgure 4.1.
Conceive’s ivf idol, Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav 226
FIgure C.1.
The author and her dau ghter in the Emirates Towers,
Dubai 293
FIgure C.2.
The Burj Khalifa at Night 295
table 1.1.
The Global Reproscape of Conceive: Fifty Nations of Origin among
the Study Population 56
table 1.2.
Global Cosmopolitans: Top Ten Professions of Men and Women in
the Study, in Rank Order 61
table 2.1.
ivf: A Regional Comparison 113
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